Would you like some help

with your horse?


With Susan Brown's help, you will find...

  • Safety and Confidence

If you keep grabbing the saddle to stay on, then you should be nervous! Susan Brown will use her own "trademark" technique to teach you how to use your feet, legs, pelvis and core to stay on without effort. 

  • A Different Horse

He or she will become relaxed, confident, always respectful, patient, willing, trusting, happy, and super sweet!

  • Wonderful ground manners from your horse

Owners must LEARN what is and is not respectful behavior from a horse at all times. Otherwise, he won't respect you as his leader.

  • A super-smoothed, perfectly timed gait

Susan Brown will teach you ALL about all of the "easy" gaits, in a SIMPLE way that is easy to understand. She will also explain the various natural methods of riding to adjust a horse's way of going so you can get the gait your horse is built to do, so you can ride on in ultimate comfort!


A new relationship with your horse


Ala carte services-


Lessons on the trail

English or Western

Dressage techniques

Trail/Obstacle Class

Trailer loading (to near perfection)









  Shannon Brown on Fuego

Relaxed, confident, calm, willing, trusting, happy, patient, & super sweet!