"The investment in learning the language of the horse is one that will last a lifetime." 


Will teach you how to...

  • Apply leverage in the saddle and stirrups so you reduce falls and lose the desire to hold onto the saddle or hold tight with the reins. 
  • Become a Horse Whisperer!
  • Live in the moment just as a horse does, with acute awareness toward the horse's body and mind, your own body and mind, and the environment around you. When the horse recognizes your awareness, he will love you as a leader, relax, and let you take the wheel!
  • Fully understand your horse's emotions and sensitivity level - is he pushy or fearful? And how to conform your training sessions to suit the needs according to his particular personality traits. 
  • How to teach your horse ANYTHING, or improve ANY poor behaviors by using a precision-based, gentle, pressure and release method of communication.
  • How to relax, have fun, and be safe!